What is mBraining4Success?

mBraining4Success Ltd. is a company formed in 2013 to offer leading edge coaching, training and consultancy – using the very latest knowledge of neuroscience and behavioural psychology.

We work with multiple intelligences in practice to support transformational change. 

The evolution process uses mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) to communicate with and align your multiple ‘brains’. This process supports clients to the emergence of newer, higher levels of wisdom, opening up new possibilities and opportunities.

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About Suzanne Henwood

Suzanne Henwood is the Director of the company and the lead coach and trainer (and one of only 2 Master Trainers and Master Coaches in mBIT globally).

With a PhD in professional development, she has worked in higher education and development for 25 years and has authored numerous books, book chapters and articles, with a particular interest in stress, communication, leadership and personal and professional development to improve and transform practice, supporting people to operate from a place of excellence. She also frequently presents at academic conferences internationally. Suzanne trains alongside appropriately qualified coaches and trainers, ensuring shared core values are evident in all that we do: Integrity, Authenticity, Quality, Respect, Value, Passion and Fun.

Suzanne is from the UK originally and was trained in the 1980s as a diagnostic radiographer. She moved into higher education in London in the 1990s and has developed and extended her skills and expertise to include areas such as Leadership, Research, Stress, Communication and Development. Before leaving the UK Suzanne was the Company Director for Henwood Associates, providing coaching, training and consultancy using NLP and offering a wealth of experience to underpin mBraining4Success. Suzanne spent nearly a decade as an Associate Professor in Health and Social Sciences in New Zealand and uses her academic background to ensure the utmost quality of coaching, consultancy and training provision and works constantly to research and continuously develop to ensure all practice is evidence based and absolutely up to date.

Suzanne, who is also an NLP Trainer, works closely with ANLP (the Association of NLP) and is the International Ambassador for ANLP in New Zealand and coordinates ANLP (NZ) enabling representation of ANLP in NZ, along with a full range of membership benefits locally. She is the Editor of Current Research in NLP, an international peer reviewed journal promoting dissemination of NLP research worldwide. She is also the Rapport Magazine Research Series editor and the Research Conference lead for the International NLP Research conference, which is held bi-annually.


Suzanne has chapters featured in

Developing a Community of Teachers
Chapter: 24
Patient Centred Care in Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy
Work-Based Learning in Cancer and Palliative Care
Suzanne is also a regular contributer in the Great Health Guide
Additionally she has appeared in two of their ebooks.


  • mBIT Coach Certification Training
    Learn to re-pattern how your brains work together (in yourself and with others) to support and enhance life success.
  • Advanced mBIT Training Opportunities
    mBIT Leadership Decision Making – a 2 day programme to show how head, heart and gut are all essential in decision making in leadership

    mBIT Master Coach Certification – for mBIT coaches who want to be able to coach clients to an even higher level

    mBIT Trainers Training – a 6 day course for those coaches who want to join us in training new coaches and spreading the message of mBraining.
  • Developing Excellence in Communications
    This one-day workshop will inspire and enthuse delegates, providing and building on solid practical skills for immediate use and benefit in the workplace.
  • Developing Excellence in Clinical Leadership
    A three day leadership course which includes one-to-one coaching.
  • NLP Diploma for healthcare professionals
    This is an attendance based course of 2 modules (each of 2 days duration) which can be arranged for groups of 10 of more people to suit your needs.


  • One-to-One
    Using a range of coaching skills including NLP, mBIT and Time Line Therapy mBraining4Success offers transformational coaching partnerships to help you to achieve all you want out of life.
  • Group Coaching
    Sometimes change is desired by a group or team and we are pleased to offer group coaching where appropriate – in families, in work teams and in social groups, enabling you to grow and evolve together, ensuring you develop and grow together so you can stay and flourish together.
  • WOW Coaching Circles
    Women Out West - Are you Juggling family? work? and home life? Always looking for extra hours in the day? Never putting yourself and your own needs first? Wondering what else you can do for others? Looking to find new ways to give the very best of you? Then this WOW Coaching Circle could make all the difference.
  • Skype Coaching
    We live in a truly global society and sometimes you want to connect with someone, even though you do not live within easy access. I offer Skype coaching for clients so you do not have to miss out if you are outside of Auckland (or indeed New Zealand).
  • Christian Coaching with Spiritual direction
    If your Christian faith is important to you and you want to be able to discuss that openly within the change work, I am happy to offer coaching with a Christian perspective, looking at how you are listening to not only your own intelligences, but also to Gods voice.
  • Academic Coaching/Support
    As an academic for over 25 years (and an Associate Professor for nearly a decade), I have tutored and supported many students through assignments, stress of study, thesis writing, research design and many other scenarios. I am very happy to offer you coaching in relation to your academic studies, or writing.

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