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So who this training is for – what sort of people (will I fit in)?

  • Yes it is ideal for Professional Coaches of all types
  • Yes it is great development for Counsellors and ‘People Helpers’ and anyone in healthcare
  • It is fantastic professional development for Trainers and Educators at all levels
  • I would say it is essential for Leaders, Managers and  Mentors in the workplace
  • And to be honest – it is for anyone who needs to support and coach others to produce results that can only be achieved when head, heart and gut are aligned!

Pretty much then it is for anyone who works with others and who is serious about stepping up and getting more out of life and work.

2018 mBIT Coach Certifictaion Flyer and Booking form (NZ)                                             

Next Dates:

– May 3rd – May 6th 2018 (Auckland – Lopdell House, Titirangi)

– Aug 2nd – Aug 5th 2018 (Auckland – Lopdell House, Titirangi)

– Nov 29th – Dec 2nd 2018 (Auckland – Lopdell House, Titirangi)


UK Dates:

– June 14 – June 17th (Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate, Yorkshire) – see flyer here

– June 21 – June 24th (Witherdens Hall, Canterbury, Kent) – see flyer here

– June 30th – July 3rd (Richmond, Surrey)


Get in touch to book your place now.


That brings us back to you:

 Knowing what you know now would you like to become an mBIT Certified Coach?

Do you want to learn a powerful Coaching model that helps you, clients and staff with evolutionary change?

Do you want to be able to support and empower yourself and others to bring their human spirit alive and to facilitate them to get deeply in touch with their most authentic self?

Do you want to learn to coach yourself and others, not just to make the most of the cognitive head brain, but to awaken and evolve all the brains – head, heart and gut to get even more impressive results?

Do you want to understand yourself more and be able to lead yourself and others using the very latest leadership theory and practice?

Not yet completely convinced?

 Why have others become a Certified mBIT Coach?

mBIT coaches report that the new tool kit from mBraining enables them to work with:

  • Internal conflict (in self and others) between their thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Repeated patterns of not acting upon, or sabotaging their dreams, goals and plans
  • Those unwanted behaviours or habits which will not go away (until now) and that up until now they have not known why they happen, where they come from or how to stop them
  • Challenges in making decisions and ensuring that the underlying motivation is activated to enable them to take action
  • Chronically disempowering emotional states such as frustration, depression, anger, anxiety, etc.
  • Chronic health issues, especially those to do with the heart or gut region

In short the testimonials from mBIT Coaches is impressive.  Have a look at where many of those stories are being shared.

So, I am assuming that because you are still reading this information, you want to find out more.  You may even have made the decision you want to train as an mBIT Coach, for yourself or for people you work with.

 So – what will it look like?

The mBIT Toolkit teaches you how to build:

  • Intuition & Self-awareness
  • State management & Self-control
  • Courage, Motivation & Action-taking
  • Decision-making & Problem-solving​​​​​
  • Habit control & Overcoming compulsions
  • Health & Well-being

From the training you will discover your keys to…

  • Establish communication and alignment with your multiple brains
  • Access and integrate the 9 core competencies of your three brains
  • Ensure each brain is operating from its Highest Expression and
  • Apply your Highest Expressions for greater wisdom in decision-making and action-taking

In short it will awaken, empower and evolve all aspects of your life.  This is not a course to be entered into lightly.  It is powerful and transformational and may not be for everyone.  What I do know though is for those people who decide they are serious about getting more out of life, it is one of the best courses I have ever been on to make real, authentic change.

Ready to make a decision yet?

What else can I say – at this training you will discover…

  • How to recognise and interpret the different languages of your three main intelligences (head, heart and gut)
  • Deep insights into how your multiple brains produce internal conflict and what you can do about it
  • How your gut and heart brains are able to learn and grow new neural pathways and how you can actively educate them for greater intuition and better decisions
  • How to balance the autonomic nervous system through the mBIT
  • A beautifully simple Balanced Breathing method to quickly relieve stress

 Why do this training now?

  • Become one of the leaders in this newly emerging and exciting field
  • Stand out and differentiate yourself in your marketplace
  • Massively boost  your coaching effectiveness by  learning to facilitate all three of your client’s intelligences, integrating the tool kit into what you already know
  • Learn to tap into the power of your client’s innate intuition and the wisdom of their heart and gut brains
  • Learn how mBIT can streamline your coaching processes to gain quicker, deeper and more generative results
  • Gain access to a professional network and collaborative community of ‘multiple brain coaches’ that are working together to bring evolutionary change to the world

 Why Train with mBraining4Success?

There are a number of trainers in New Zealand offering mBIT Coach Certification and by being registered with mBIT International, they are all amazing and have all had the appropriate training and accreditation to be able to offer coach certification training.  As such, you could train anywhere, what is important is learning the skills and then applying them for the greater good of the communities you influence.

But, of course I would love you to come and train with us.  Let me tell you a little about myself (and you can read even more in the ‘About Us’ section on the web site).

I am an NLP Coach and Trainer and an mBIT Master Coach and Master Trainer.  I did my NLP training in the UK before moving to New Zealand and I did my mBIT training in Australia with Grant and Marvin, ensuring I learned from the very best and where possible from those at the source and development of the techniques I am learning.  Since training in both NLP and mBIT I have brought in my academic background and got involved in on-going research and development of the field and am delighted to be working closely with Grant Soosalu to establish a published evidence based behind mBraining and to continue to develop the field into the future.  We have already presented our work in relation to leadership at the ILA 16th Global Leadership Summit in San Diego (International Leadership Association) and a Conference in 2013 at the university of Auckland and And we are currently writing a book on decision making.  We have also published the key aspects of mBraining in relation to Leadership in my new book ‘Practical Leadership in Nursing and Health Care: A multi professional approach’, published by Taylor and Francis in 2014.

I ensure I continually engage with active learning and development, to keep myself at the very forefront of my field, I under take regular peer supervision, support a community of practice for mBIT coaches in Auckland through a face to face practice group which meets monthly and I actively support the worldwide community of mBIT coaches through the web based communities of practice – giving you the best of the best at any time. I also supervise coaches and leaders to encourage excellence in those two fields.

Outside of my coaching and training world, I was an Associate Professor in Health and Social Sciences, having been in higher education of health care professionals since 1990.  My healthcare roots are still very important to me and I am passionate about transforming how we care for patients in our health services.  I am part of worldwide networks looking to increase compassion in health care and strongly urge you (if you are in healthcare) to have a look at:

Hearts in Healthcare

Hearts in Healthcare, an amazingly inspiring organisation set up as the ‘movement for human centred healthcare’.  I was fortunate enough to attend a national forum at Unitec in Auckland early in 2014 exploring how to put compassion back into healthcare through appreciative enquiry.  It was an amazing day which used mBIT in the afternoon to focus our discussions.

Charter for Compassion

The Charter for Compassion is another amazing organisation across all fields bringing compassion and peace to the world.  From their website:

The Charter for Compassion is a cooperative effort to restore not only compassionate thinking but, more importantly, compassionate action to the centre of religious, moral and political life. Compassion is the principled determination to put ourselves in the shoes of the other, and lies at the heart of all religious and ethical systems.

I am the author of two NLP related books (both available on Amazon and The Book Depository):


NLP and Coaching for Healthcare Professionals: Developing expert practice (published by Wiley in 2007 and co-authored by Jim Lister) and



Practical Leadership in Health care for Nursing and Health Care: A multi professional approach (published by Taylor and Francis in 2014).

I am the editor of Current Research in NLP – an international peer reviewed journal published by ANLP and I am on the organising committee for the International Research Conference for NLP Research (hosted by ANLP see for more details).   


I am the editor of the Research Series in Rapport Magazine (also published by ANLP – again see for more details), encouraging and developing research in the field of NLP and mBIT.



My PhD (which has also been published by Verlag) explored the components of effectiveness in Continuing Professional Development, so I have a background in knowing what works in practice in development and education and I have numerous publications in peer reviewed journals  across a number of related topics.



I guess what I am trying to say is that I am serious about this stuff.  I believe in it and have committed myself to studying it to the highest level and to working with others to keep progressing the field.

I am a straight talker – a no fuss personality, you get the authentic me in training.  I love to have fun and passionately believe that if you are having fun you will learn even more effectively.  I have been known to have a whole group in fits of giggles, having to take a moment to catch our breaths so we can carry on – so if you don’t want fun, authentic, real learning, from people working at the top of the field – mBraining4Success may not be for you, but if you want real, down to earth, authentic training, from trainers with passion and integrity, trainers who care about your development, keep themselves up to date with the very latest thinking  and who will do whatever it takes to support you in the training environment to get the outcomes you want – then we would love to have you on board.

  • Be Aware – This is a training that changes lives…

After mBraining Training

You will find you are opening up to the inherent wisdom of your deep inner self and becoming one with your core values and your core authentic self. You also open up new possibilities in how you are creating and authoring your life.  It will change you and you will start a new journey of self discovery to a whole new level.

For me it has been an amazing part of my spiritual journey too, connecting me with my true self and what I stand for, what I am here to do in the world.  I sit mBIT very comfortably next to my Christian faith and work with people from other faiths who say the same thing.

You will empower yourself and your clients by using the deeply integrative mBIT processes you will have been trained in during this workshop…  You will learn to re-pattern how your brains work together (in yourself and with others) to support and enhance life success.


mBIT Certified Coaches continue to report that mBIT creates quicker and more lasting changes and is an elegant and powerful adjunct to their existing toolkits.  And it does that in a gentle respectful way that surprises them.

Final words

If you are serious about moving forward in your life – don’t miss out on this opportunity.

We can offer you the very best training with exceptional support to empower you to take mBIT back out into your community.

You will be provided with all training materials and a complementary copy of the amazing and life changing book by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka – the developers of mBraining:

If you have any other questions – get in touch, or you might prefer just to register now (there are great incentives for booking early)

Practical Bits

The course runs in a variety of locations (check the list below for next dates and venues).

The training itself is over 4 days from 9.00am to 6.00pm.  Morning and Afternoon tea is provided and we ensure there are local cafes, or onsite cafes to provide lunch opportunities).  In some venues you can bring a packed lunch, especially in the summer months as most venues have facilities close by to enjoy some fresh air and eat your own lunch.

 The cost includes:
– a course manual
– certification costs
– and a copy of the mBraining book (mBraining: using your multiple brains to do cool stuff).

Next course dates

– May 3rd – May 6th 2018
– June 14th – 17th 2018 UK (for health care professionals in collaboration with Unique Minds)
– Aug 2nd – Aug 5th 2018
– Nov 29th – Dec 2nd 2018

Terms and conditions

A 15% administration fee is charged for any withdrawal after enrolment

A 10% administration fee is charged to transfer an enrolment to a later course

Withdrawal costs:

– Within 4 weeks of the course date 20% of the course fee

– Within 2 weeks of the course date 50 % of the course fee