About Dr. Suzanne Henwood

Director of mBraining4Success

Who is Dr. Suzanne Henwood?

I am the Director of mBraining4Success and the lead coach and trainer. I am also one, of only 2 Master Trainers and Master Coaches in mBIT globally.

I have a PhD in professional development and have worked in higher education and development for 25 years. I love to share about what I do and to share what we now know to help others. I am an NLP Trainer, working with ANLP (the Association of NLP) as the International Ambassador in New Zealand. I work globally to raise the standard of coaching practice and to support others to do likewise.

I originally trained in the 1980s as a diagnostic radiographer, moving into higher education in London in the 1990s.   I spent nearly a decade as an Associate Professor in Health and Social Sciences in New Zealand and I draw on that professional and academic background to ensure the utmost quality of coaching, consultancy and training provision, working constantly to research and continuously develop my tool box to ensure my practice is evidence based and absolutely up to date.

My key values are: Integrity, Authenticity, Quality, Respect, Value, Passion and Fun.  You will recognise these in the way I work.





Heart Math

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

IDT (Interactive Drawing Therapy)

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

Time Line Therapy

Existential Coaching


Refocusing Counselling

Polyvagal Informed Therapy

Map of Meaning

Training Services

mBIT Coach Certification Training

The mBIT Coach Certification is a 4 day course, equipping you to communicate with, and to, multiple intelligences. The course teaches you to bring those intelligences into alignment, enabling wiser decision making in all aspects of life.

Advanced mBIT Training Opportunities including mBraining 2.0 -QUESTS to Mastery

There are many advanced options for continuing your mBraining journey. mBraining 2.0 is my signature course sharing all the up to date, extended learnings, mBIT Leadership Decision Making – is a 2 day programme focused on decision making in leadership, mBIT Master Coach Certification – and mBIT Trainers Training – are 6 day courses for those coaches who want to extend their skill base further.

Coaching Services

One on One Coaching and Professional Supervision

Using a wide range of techniques, we come alongside you to support, encourage, inspire and partner you to success. Find the right support package for you and get in touch to start your transformation journey today.


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