Can we influence healing and pain reduction?

I have recently had what is described as major surgery. I was advised it would take significant recovery time and would be very painful. Now, as tempted as I am to talk about the risk of negative installations by medical staff, I want to focus instead on some of the tools I used, which I believe have hugely impacted on my experience.

Setting positive anchors: I spent time setting strong, safe, relaxed anchors, which I could re-access in a moment at any point following surgery.

Using multiple brains: in preparation and following surgery, I used deep diaphragmatic, even breathing to achieve balanced coherence between my sympathetic and parasypmpathetic nervous systems. In communicating with head, heart, gut and yet to be proven reproductive brains, I prepared myself for the surgery so it would not feel like a trauma, an attack, instead, a planned calm approach to resolving a pathology. I then used the ongoing balanced breathing, to maintain an inner calm. This was powerful enough to even see me through a second unexpected operation at day 2 due to internal bleeding.

Positive visualisation: again, through my preparation and post surgery, I visualised healing and repair of tissues. I saw swelling reducing, clean healing without adhesions and seeing muscles remaining relaxed.

Can I say I did not feel any pain? No.
Can I say everything went 100% according to plan? No

But, have I surprised medical staff at the speed of my recovery and the ease with which I have coped to date? Yes

Ten days ago, I had a hysterectomy. Eight days ago I returned to theatre for a second GA and operation for internal bleeding. Six days ago I was discharged home on still significant levels of pain killers.

Today I have taken four ibuprofen, two after a nights sleep with no overnight medication and two following a 40 minute walk this afternoon.

Am I convinced that my recovery has so far been much easier than expected? Absolutely.

Whatever it is you are facing, be aware of what stories you are putting into your head about how that is going to go. Prepare mentally as you want things to happen, while being flexible to go with the flow along the way. During the event, stay positive, know you will come through successfully and following, keep creating the story of how you want things to unfold, resolve, heal …. change.

Be aware of the power you hold within, the power to change what happens to you and to respond positively even when things do not go to plan. Using simple tools, you can create the change you want to see. Have fun and let us know how you get on.

Preparing for Surgery
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