I don’t know about you but I have some awesome friends and contacts and from time to time I get sent inspirational stories and helpful affirmations. Sometime I have a quick glance and then delete the email, or skip over a facebook link, but other times something hits home. An image or message sticks with me and I ponder it. Sometimes it is for me, other times for a friend or client.

This last week I had one such phrase within a powerpoint slide show of being the light of the world. The phrase was “you don’t need permission to let your light shine”. Interesting. Lets break that down:

You don’t need permission…
Who would we be seeking permission from? To whom are we giving the steering wheel of our life? Who else has their foot on our accelerator, while we hover over the break and prevent ourselves from moving forward?

To let…
Implies it’s a choice. Why would we choose not to let our light shine? What is it we believe about ourself that we have to keep it hidden away: not good enough; not worthy; in some way bad? This reminds me of the famous Marianne Williamson quote which talks about being fully yourself and asking “who are you not to be” … Great, successful? You insert the word that you aspire to be….

Light shine…
I love the assumption here that we all have an inner light. That inner white light of absolute love and goodness and purity. We all have that to give. You cannot change darkness, except by changing the light. You cannot make dark darker … But you can make light lighter. Darkness is just blocking out of the light. So if there is darkness in your life, if you feel any darkness around you – all you have to do is turn up the light.

So. Have you been waiting for permission to shine? Waiting for someone to take your hand to invite you to be fully you? Waiting for someone to authenticate you and affirm you? Hear this … You don’t need to wait. Give yourself permission to be all you can be. Let the real you step out of the shadow and take a place in life.

Wow … How powerful, in a phrase I could have so easily missed.

What will you do with this? What can you do differently by letting your light shine. By knowing you are not only enough, but you are more than enough? Just as you are is perfect… Step out in that knowledge this week and see what changes.

Enjoy being a beacon….

Are you letting your light shine?
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