mBraining is a new field of human development and understanding, developed by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka and written up in a beautiful book available from Amazon (in book or Kindle versions).

From a meta analysis and meta synthesis of hundreds of pieces of literature, Grant and Marvin have developed a set of techniques (mBIT – multiple Brain Integration Techniques) which puts this new knowledge and theory (mBraining)  into practice.

So what do we now know?

We have at least three brains – yes the head, or cephalic brain you were already aware of, and the heart (cardiac) and gut (enteric) brains, which you were probably aware of intuitively, but may not have called them brains in the past.

Have you ever heard yourself or anyone else refer to these brains?  It is amazing now you know this, how that inner knowing expresses itself in practice through your language and how you will now start noticing that in yourself and others.  So what sort of language patterns might you notice?

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