Developing Excellence In Clinical Leadership

We are delighted to announce an exciting new three day leadership course which includes one-to-one coaching.

This course will use neuro-linguistic programming and a range of other leadership development tools to assist people who are entering or thinking of entering a leadership position or who want to improve their leadership and influencing skills even further.

This course will help YOU to move the profession and your department in the right direction, regardless of what role you are currently employed in.

It is for anyone who wants to have an impact on their profession, for their patients and for themselves.

We will offer a comprehensive range of practical tools and techniques, as well as theoretical backgrounds into understanding self, thriving in change, understanding what leadership is, how to inspire and motivate people, how to really make a difference and performance excellence. In short, this course is for anyone who wants to help to create and shape the future of healthcare, at local, national or international level.

Outline programme:

Day 1

Understanding clinical leadership

• Understanding ‘where are you now’ and setting of personal goals for the course

• Management and Leadership – a review of the models and theoretical background

• The seven core strategic leadership competencies

Understanding your leadership style

• Understanding leadership styles

• Exploring the values and beliefs of leadership

• The Mindset of Success

• Logical Levels of leadership

• 360 degree leadership perspective

• Understanding motivation strategies and decision making styles

Creating direction

• The power of the compelling vision (Using visioning and mental rehearsal)

Day 2

Leading others

• Understanding what makes others tick and learning how to motivate them

• Exploring the power of the role model

Visibility & communication

• Modelling skills from those you admire

• Using language and rhetoric to inspire others

Between the second and third day of the program each participant will have a 1:1 telephone coaching session to help facilitate individual, personal and professional learning taken from the first two days of the course.

Day 3

Managing change

• Managing change effectively

• Gaining confidence in influencing

• Developing influencing skills

• Setting up Action Learning Groups to enable ongoing learning

Creating results

• The quick win matrix

• Action planning

• SMART Goals

• Goal achievement

• Performance Management and Service Excellence

If you would like to bring this training to your workplace – get in touch to find out more.