My husband and I love going away for weekends. Sometimes we will go to a familiar place, and sometimes we go somewhere new. But we love getting away, spending time together and taking time out.

Some time ago we went to Whitianga. Just the two of us and we did what we wanted to do, not what we though the kids would like. Anyone else who is a parent will get that I am sure.

One of the great things we did that weekend was go on a glass bottom boat. And like many experiences, it gave me food for thought.

The boat looked like a normal boat, wooden floor, seats round the edge and we set off. I love the sea, and feeling the sun and wind, so it was a gorgeous trip. But it got even better when we stopped at a certain place and the captain moved the floor to reveal the sea below. With a bit of feed, the fish came in huge numbers. So close, yet beyond the glass floor. We could get a great view, but we were safe, from whatever may have come along.

How does this fit with coaching? Well. I started to think coaching is a lot like going on a trip on a glass bottom boat. Your coach will at certain points, move the barrier between you and what is below the boat. Giving you an opportunity to see within, or below, in safety.

If I had been thrown overboard to experience what was there, you can imagine that might have been a bit uncomfortable! Even if I had been willing, it would place me in new territory. From within the water, it might be hard to get a clear view and you would only be able to see what was close by. But, from the other side of the glass I could stay safe and comfortable and get a great view of lots of different things below. I could take my time exploring and following one fish ( or thought or emotion) around. At any point I could pull the wooden cover back over, or start up the engine and move on: knowing I could come back at any point, even if things had changed slightly while I was away.

Can you begin to see where my mind went? Coaching is like going on a glass bottom boat, where your coach can provide a safe place to explore what lies within. The coach can move the boat to give you a better view of certain fish. As you look from outside, you can avoid drowning in the emotion of a past event, or difficult relationship. The coach is the expert at recognising the fish and knowing where to find them and can encourage them to come to the under surface of the boat.

Like coaching, to go on a glass bottom boat you have to make a choice. You have to find out where the best and safe boats are and book your place. The trip might get a bit rocky, if the waves grow, but from within the boat you can feel the waves without them washing over you completely.

So, I wonder…do you fancy a glass bottom boat trip? Do you want to explore within yourself, to understand yourself better? If you do, find the right coach to guide you, make sure they are safe and qualified to drive the boat.

Coaching can be a great way to see the fish without getting wet…

Glass Bottom Coaching