Are you stressed or feeling anxious?

Are you overwhelmed and starting to feel “off” or unwell?

Do you lack energy?

Have you a long term condition – which has no medical explanation? 

Does something just not feel right?

Health and Well Being Coaching, along side your medical practitioner care, can help you to reconnect with yourself and take back control in your life. Working physiologically we can help you to re-balance your autonomic nervous system, to regulate the stress and stress response from the inside – which can impact on every system in your body. We can assist you to connect deeply with your body to communicate with the wisdom you hold inside, where we hold onto deep emotions, hurts, betrayals and which can cause physical responses and symptoms.

Health Coaching is becoming well recognised alongside traditional medical support services – in fact the American Medical Association (AMA) recommends all GP practices have a Health Coaching service. So – if you want to find out whether we can assist you – get in touch for a chat.

If you are in Auckland, you can book to see me in person at my Titirangi Coaching Clinic. Alternatively – I offer web based skype and zoom coaching.

Give me a call to book an appointment.

Phone: (+64) 021 252 6679