New Opportunities

mBIT is growing and advancing continually.  There are a range of other courses coming on line, for coaches who wish to extend their skills and make even more of a difference.  If you would like any information about any of these new and exciting opportunities get in touch and I can send you the flyers.

You might like to consider

mBIT Leadership Decision Making – a 2 day programme to show how head, heart and gut are all essential in decision making in leadership.  Using the VUCA Model (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous)  this course offers new insight into how to lead in current climates where ‘wicked problems’ cannot be solved by old leadership approaches.

mBIT Master Coach Certification – for mBIT coaches who want to be able to coach clients to an even higher level – this course teaches five brains and offers amazing power for transformational change and healing.

Next course dates (2020): 23rd-27th June (Dubai), 2nd-6th July (Amsterdam) and 10th-14th November (Auckland).

mBIT Trainers Training – for those coaches who want to join us in training new coaches and spreading the message of mBraining. A 6 day course to equip you to deliver the mBIT Coach Certification programme (and open up a route to train all other licensed courses and the use of mBIT Teaching materilas in your own workshops). Next dates with mBIT Master Trainers: Suzanne Henwood and Wilbert Molenaar are 9th – 14th July 2020.

See videos below for more detail.

Using the very latest applied neuroscience the Master Coach takes your mBIT coaching to a new level by introducing two new brains (ANS and Pelvic).