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mBIT Coach Certification TrainingNov 29th – Dec 2nd
Auckland – Lopdell House, TitirangiBook My Spot

For anyone who works with others and who is serious about stepping up and getting more out of life and work.

  • An ideal training for Professional Coaches of all types
  • Great development for Counsellors and ‘People Helpers’ and anyone in healthcare
  • fantastic professional development for Trainers and Educators at all levels
  • Essential for Leaders, Managers and Mentors in the workplace
  • For anyone who needs to support and coach others to produce results that can only be achieved when head, heart and gut are aligned!

Why have others become a Certified mBIT Coach?

mBIT coaches report that the new tool kit from mBraining enables them to work with:

  • Internal conflict (in self and others) between their thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Repeated patterns of not acting upon, or sabotaging their dreams, goals and plans
  • Those unwanted behaviours or habits which will not go away (until now) and that up until now they have not known why they happen, where they come from or how to stop them
  • Challenges in making decisions and ensuring that the underlying motivation is activated to enable them to take action
  • Chronically disempowering emotional states such as frustration, depression, anger, anxiety, etc.
  • Chronic health issues, especially those to do with the heart or gut region

So – what will it look like?

The mBIT Toolkit teaches you how to build:

  • Intuition & Self-awareness
  • State management & Self-control
  • Courage, Motivation & Action-taking
  • Decision-making & Problem-solving​​​​​
  • Habit control & Overcoming compulsions
  • Health & Well-being

See what other’s are saying!

This is important work! When so much of our response to life is based on what our ‘head’ brain tells us to do, it is exciting to see the research demonstrating the power and the importance of our heart and gut brains. Get all three aligned and your life changes!
Jan Roberts Author, Pharmacist & Clinical Nutritionist
Jan Roberts
mBraining extends notions of both brain and mind. Steven Pinker famously says that ‘the mind is what the brain does’. Oka and Soosalu suggest that a greater mind is a function of a greater brain, that comprising head, heart, and hara.
Stephen ElliottAuthor and Life Scientist
Stephen Elliott
It was an absolute privilege to attend the mBIT training course, to work with Marvin and Grant, to learn the newest technology in the world and to be able to apply the technology to high-performance in myself and the people I work with. It is a privilege to be on the leading edge of learning the capability of the three brains and I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to take their coaching skills to the next level.
Natalie AshdownTrainer and Executive Coach, Open Door Coaching, Australia
Natalie Ashdown
I have just completed the 4 day mBIT coaching workshop and have already started to integrate the amazing learnings and techniques about bringing the Autonomic Nervous System into balance and the 3 Brains into alignment, into my practice. I can’t wait to see how this affects my clients, family and friends. Thank you Grant and Marvin for a truly inspiring workshop
Janine MichaelTrainer and Therapist, Australia
Janine Michael

What you will discover…

Establish communication and alignment with your multiple brains

Access and integrate the 9 core competencies of your three brains

Ensure each brain is operating from its Highest Expression

Greater wisdom in decision-making and action-taking

Value price

RRP $2395 + GST
$ 2395
+ GST* ($2754.25)

  • Full mBIT toolkit training

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* + GST paid by first day of the course

Advanced payment

RRP $2150 + GST
$ 2150
+ GST* ($2472.50)

  • Full mBIT toolkit training

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* + GST If paid in full 4 weeks prior to date of course

It will awaken, empower and evolve all aspects of your life.

This is not a course to be entered into lightly. It is powerful and transformational and may not be for everyone.

For those people who decide they are serious about getting more out of life, it is one of the best courses I have ever been on to make real, authentic change.

Suzanne Henwood – mBIT Certified Master Coach and Trainer

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Nov 29th – Dec 2nd

Lopdell House, Titirangi, Auckland

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