One on One Coaching

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Using a range of coaching and counselling skills including NLP, mBIT, Heartmath, Polyvagal Informed Therapy, Havening, ACT, Positive Neuroplasticity,Interactive Drawing Therapy, Refocusing Counselling, Map of Meaning, Mindfulness, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Existential Coaching  and Time Line Therapy mBraining4Success offer  trauma informed, transformational coaching partnerships to help you to achieve all you want out of life. Whether it is a personal issue affecting you at home, or a work related issue affecting your professional practice and ability to thrive at work – we will walk with you, challenge you, support you, equip you and enable you to evolve into the person you want to become.

Get in touch for details of our one on one coaching options.

Clients may attend for a one off session (for example in preparation for an interview or difficult meeting, gaining a fresh perspective on a difficult situation or conflict), or more normally plan to come for a series of sessions to really get to grips with something that has been holding them back at a deeper level. The combination of skills and tools available offers an effective and safe way to really enable change for people who are ready to fully embrace their full potential.

If you are ready to step up – step out – make a change – then we would love to support you.

Stress and Anxiety are impacting on more people than ever before and it is even said that up to 75% of all GP visits are stress related.

The range of health related issues is vast – check out this list (which is not exhaustive) and see if you may be impacted by stress:

If you are concerned by the number of items you tick – reach out and get help.

This Chart from Heartmath shows how working with your neurology and physiology can change your heart beat pattern (Heart Rate Variability) within minutes.  Combining techniques from mBraining, Havening, Polyvagal Informed Therapy – gives us the ability to help you to take back control.  We can teach you how to work with your body to regulate your system – right from our first meeting.

This embodied integrated form of coaching is not your standard run of the mill coaching. 

If you are the target of bullying – I want you to know it is not about you. 

You did nothing to deserve it.

And there is a way through.

Bullying rates are too high both in the playground and in the workplace and too many people are suffering as a result.

As one of a Global Group of people working to eradicate bullying – you will see me on Linked In and Facebook speaking out against bullying – here I am in the 2022 joint video for Anti Bullying awareness Week.

There is no easy answer to bullying and no magic bullet.  But what I do know is that navigating through bullying with support is way easier than trying to do it alone.

If you are a target of bullying – please get support. Reach out and talk to someone – me or someone else – and do it sooner rather than later. It is not just going to go away.

Something Is

Life has been incredibly challenging – we have come through a global Pandemic, we are facing devastating global climate impacts, the world is more uncertain, more chaotic and more challenging than probably we have ever experienced in our lives.

Do you feel like:

  • The world has changed and you don’t quite understand how?
  • That your own values have shifted and that you now don’t know what you truly care about?
  • That you have found yourself wondering if it is worth getting up in the morning?


You are not alone.


There feels like there has been a paradigm shift and we are all being called to relook at what we do, why we do it and what difference we make in the world.

Exploring Health & Wellbeing

If you have medical symptoms – see a doctor. Don’t wait – get checked out. You are way too valuable to take a chance on missing something important.

And if you have been checked out and you (i) know what is causing the  issue or (ii) you have been advised there is no underlying medical issue – you may desire some support to get back on to form again.

Health and Wellbeing Coaching can assist you with:

Using a combination of tools such as ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Solution Focused Brief Therapy, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), mBraining, Havening, Interactive Drawing Therapy, Polyvagal Informed therapy, Heartmath and many more – we are well equipped to support you to make the changes you desire.

Finding Radical Wholeness

Many people are seeking deeper levels of change.  We are hearing people talk of ‘Awakening’ and raising levels of ‘Consciousness’. Maybe you don’t know where to start – or maybe you have started exploring and have got stuck.

Our integrative, embodied coaching approach meets you where you are at.  And for those clients who wish to go way beyond sorting out ‘an issue’ and are ready to go deeper and broader to explore all of what life has to offer – we can provide a safe space to explore what is beyond what you currently know.

Are you curious about:

Coaching to Radical Wholeness is ideal for people who are doing OK in life – and who want to do even more.  This is for people who are ready to go deep and ask the questions which  might knock them off balance – challenge their thinking – extend their boundaries.

If you are ready to open up to even more – get in touch and book a discovery call to see if we are the perfect fit for you.

Christian Based Coaching

Spirituality and religion do not always go hand in hand.  For many people they live spiritual lives, yet do not align to a faith structure.  For others they may hold a particular set of faith beliefs, yet not feel like they have tapped into spirituality.

I love the phrase “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin).  What does that mean in your life? How does that play out in your day to day life and work? And how does it change your direction into the future?

Can you sit quietly and just BE?

Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Can you connect with God and communicate with Him?

Do you want to explore your faith in a safe environment – judgement free?

My own faith is Christian – and  I have successfully coached and supported people from a wide variety of spiritual perspectives to look to what is beyond self. 

While this is not for everyone – for those who wish to connect to the spiritual aspects of life – and connect to their own soul –  to explore aspects of meaning, purpose, legacy, faith and connection – reach out if you are interested and would like to know more.

Supervision For Leaders & Coaching

I consider supervision to be an essential component of therapy, leadership and coaching.  While therapy and counselling has had a requirement for supervision for many years, coaching and leadership have not.

Supervision offers: