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Dr Suzanne Henwood talking about mBraining on Health Awareness Talk (USA: October, 2014)

The NLP View: NLP and Coaching for Healthcare Professionals with Dr Suzanne Henwood (UK and USA: April, 2013)

Dr Suzanne Henwood on Empowerment Radio September 2016

Useful Links

Book cover mBrainingGo Direct to for a wealth of useful information including:mp3 files on mBIT exercises and mp3 balanced breathing guides.


Practical Tools

Managing Stress – Taking Control of your Life Audios

Audio One  –  A basic introduction to the set of two audios which includes some basic instruction on how to use the audios successfully.  This includes some guidance on posture and breathing techniques to enable you to move quickly into the mBraining Practice in audio two.  I suggest you listen once to this audio before moving on to releasing your stress through audio two.

Audio Two – a guided mBraining Practice session to bring your autonomic nervous system into balance and to access your own inner wisdom on the situation that was causing your stress. (Please do not listen to this audio while driving or operating heavy machinery.)

Meditation: Loving your life even more deeply and even more fully

Many clients would benefit from loving themselves more deeply and fully.  This series of recordings helps clients do just that – (i) a guide to show you how to use the audios and the basis behind them (ii) a 9 minute guided meditation to encourage a deeper self loving and (iii) a 25 minute guided meditation combining the best of mindfulness, mBraining and Loving Kindness Meditation – shared from the heart to offer you a way to build your inner neural pathways of self love so they become natural and automatic for you.  I challenge you to do  one of these meditations every day – with the extended version at least twice in the week – and to let me know what happens.

(i) An outline of the Loving yourself even more deeply and even more fully meditation set (I recommend you listen tot his once before starting)

(ii) A 9 minute brief guided meditation on Loving yourself deeply and fully

(iii) A 25 minute extended guided meditation on Loving yourself even more deeply and even more fully


What is mBraining?– an Interview with Grant Soosalu, Suzanne Henwood and Daksha Malik on YOUTUBE

Touching Hearts – audio interview


An amazing interview with Lynn John (Academic, Opera Singer, writer) on the effect of a quadruple heart bi-pass on personality: a personal account of the changes to the heart after being “touched”.

Find out more about Lynn John here and read his story in hos own words Lynn John Story

Talks by Associate Professor, Dr Suzanne Henwood

Western Leader photo

Interprofessional Health Conference  – Auckland 2014 – Changing the way we lead: Using multiple brains in leadership

International Leadership Association – Oceania Conference – Auckland 2013 – The three brains of leadership

International Leadership Association – San Diego – 16th Global Leadership Summit: Conscious Leading  – The three brains of leadership

Being the Best You – a Ladies High Tea (2014)

National Autism Awareness Week 2015 – a talk with Olive Hickmott from Empowering Learning

A joint NZIMRT / AIR conference in Wellington, NZ: Re looking at CPD Suzanne Henwood Wellington (“The Cloud”)  in July 2015 exploring CPD (Continuing Professional Development)  and how mBraining and the latest neuroscience needs to be incorporated into new ways of thing around keeping up to date.

Loving Yourself:

Loving yourself more amazingly – a talk given at the Peninsular Christian Womens Conference – April 2016

Working with your own inner board of directors:

Creating Your Board of Directors – mBIT Style

Professional Development Series for mBIT Coaches

Vol 1 No. 1 – mBraining and Stress

Vol 1 No. 2 – mBraining and the NLP Communication model

Vol 1 No 3 – audio – Prof Dev series Map the Block: Suzanne Henwood and Grant Soosalu (NB this is a 7zip file and if you cannot listen you can download the free opensource software you need here:

Vol 2 No 1 – Bringing more GRACE at work into the workplace

In the Media

Understanding Your Values – a Publication for the Association of Coaching

May 2015 – Western Leader, Auckland –Western Leader May 26th 2015 in the local paper

October 2015 – Great Health Guide – You don’t have to be a superhero – on iTunes and Google

May 2016 – Great Health Guide – What is Bullying – Part 1

June 2016  – Great Health Guide – Draw a Line in the Sand (Bullying – Part 2)  Great_Health_Guide_cover_June_2016

July 2016 – Great Health Guide – Your New Future (pg 8)

December 2016 – Great Health Guide – What is Bullying (pg 12)

Jan / Feb 2017 – Great Health Guide – Self Compassion: Rediscover it (pg 37)

April 2017 – Great Health Guide – Wise Decision Making (pg 14)

July 2017 – Great Health Guide – How we Perceive Stress Part 1 (pg 18)

August 2017 – Great Health Guide – Moving on from Stress Part 2 (pg 18)

September 2017 – Great Health Guide – Self-care For Busy People Part 1 (pg 14)

October 2017 – Great Health Guide – Self-care For Busy People Part 2 (pg 17)

November 2017 – Great Health Guide – Multi Mindfulness: An Inner Balance (pg 48 – 50)

December 2017 – Great Health Guide – Let’s Talk mQ – the Multiple Intelligences Required in Leadership (from pg 51)

January 2018 – Great Health Guide – Find Meaning Everyday (pg 47 – 49)

November – December 2019 – Great Health Guide – Being Grateful Every Day (page 30-31).

The Discipline of Self Care – part 1. March 2019

The Discipline of Self-Care – part 2. May 2019

The Brain in my Gut (page 38-40) July – August 2019

The Brain in my Heart (page 32-35) September – October 2019

Suzanne is also a regular contributor to World Wide Coaching Magazine

Read the September article here

Read the November/December article here

And has written a number of academic articles including:

Head, Heart, and Gut in Decision Making: Development of a Multiple Brain Preference Questionnaire