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I have spent over 25 years as a coach, trainer and academic.  For nearly a decade I was an Associate Professor in Health and I have worked across a variety of institutions from University, Higher Education, Charity, Not for Profit and Independent Organisations. I have spoken at Global Conferences, Seminars and Workshops for Event Organisations, as well as having been on radio, podcasts and Global Summits. What that means, is that I bring a wealth of experience to my trainings, to ensure that you get the best possible quality of teaching, training and facilitation of learning.  As a trainer, my focus is on you getting the best possible outcome.

Advanced mBIT Training

Teaching Online

It may be that you have not been making decisions with your multiple intelligences, accessing your intuition and inner wisdom.

Here is a brief insight into one of the models from the course:

You can sign up and get started here:

Embodied Decision Making is a self Directed course on the Teachable platform to enable you to explore Embodied Decision Making.

This course brings together my learning over the last ten years or so and offers you some simple, practical tools to use in your own life.

The course is a mix of reading, videos, links to useful sites (for those who want to go further and deeper) and practical exercises.  I share with you tools from my tool box along with some examples of where these have been used in practice.

Self Help Coffee Time



Are you short of time?

Cannot afford to take time out to focus on YOU?

Check out my Self Help Coffee Time.  A two week programme of self help tips which fit into your coffee break.

Each day I share with you one of my favourite tools to truly, deeply, explore self care.



  • Checking in with how you are really doing
  • Emotional Umbrellas and understanding emotions
  • Using Heart Spirals to create positive states at will
  • Being in the present moment
  • Shaking out Stress
  • Working with the breath
  • Self Havening techniques
  • Being conscious of our thinking patterns
  • Making choices
  • Expressing yourself on paper


In just 10 minutes a day – over two weeks – this short FREE course – can give you a boost of self care.  You can access it here:

Bespoke Training with Teams & Organisations

I have spent 25+ years as an educator and course facilitator.  I work alongside teams to create training and workshops to meet their unique needs.  I also work with GROW and you can find many of my courses available at (Click COURSES).

Examples of offerings with Grow include:

If you are interested in exploring how I can support you to support your team – get in touch to find out more.

From Managing Stress and Anxiety; Creating a Radical Wellbeing Policy that works; Bullying Awareness; Neuroscience of Leadership; Applying Gratitude to the Workplace – we can draw alongside you to create courses embedded in research, focused on practical skills training, to empower and inspire your staff in challenging times.