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About  mBraining: Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff (Book)

“As I have travelled around the world for over 30 years training NLP, the question that I am most frequently asked is, ‘where is NLP going and what comes next?’ I have searched hard and up until now I have found nothing. That has just changed with the publication of ‘mBraining: Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff ‘, by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu. mBraining takes up where NLP leaves off. mBraining is based on a synthesis of the latest research in neurology and cognitive science. Marvin and Grant have done an amazing job of collecting and synthesizing the latest scientific research. None of their work is speculative. It is all based on hard scientific research. Furthermore, this is the birth of a new field. In short, if you want a model that synthesizes NLP, that expands upon it and that is based on hard science, then mBraining is for you. Learn it now and get in on the ground floor.”

Wyatt L. Woodsmall, Ph.D. on
NLP Master Trainer and Master Modeler
Co-Creator of the International NLP Trainers Association

“Received your book and couldn’t put it down. The book is a brilliant blend of scientific discoveries and ancient wisdom that integrates three brains; an excellent cognitive basis for the training room and coaching work. I love and envy your conversational style and being a liaison between research & wisdom and the reader.”

Michael Grinder on
Non-verbal communication expert
Battle Ground, USA

“I’m very impressed with the work of Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka on the competencies of the brains in the heart and gut and the application of this to leadership. Their action research findings and models are fascinating and advance the work my co-authors and I wrote about in ‘Head, Heart & Guts: How the World’s Best Companies Develop Complete Leaders’.”

Dr. David Dotlich on
Author, Researcher and Leadership Expert
Pivot Leadership, USA

“mBraining is an intriguing and profound book. The research on the three brains is now compelling and the authors do a masterful job of integrating this research in a practical approach you can start implementing immediately. I’m very grateful for the work that Grant and Marvin are doing with mBraining because it will help people understand the power of integrating their head, heart and gut brains to enhance every aspect of their life.”

Bruce Cryer on
Author, From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance
Founding Director and former CEO, HeartMath, USA
Co-founder What Makes Your Heart Sing

What other people are saying about mBraining4Success:

From the wife of a participant of the mBIT Coach Certification Training:

I want to say a big thank you to you! Ian is like a changed man!! It’s wonderful. You see, you touch people ‘s lives through your teaching and don’t realise the impact you are having in not only the people you are teaching but their families. Like people wanted to touch Jesus’s robe, the teacher you are touching people too. You have a truely amazing gift, and are a real treasure.   xxx Diane Santos, 30/3/14

And from Coach Training Participants:

I’m feeling so excited having just finished a coaching session with a “live member of the public”, who has always talked in a very head space/driven by logic sort of way.  Turns out that actually she operates from the gut and head but the head dominates and overrides the messages from the heart. We had a chat about what I’d learned these past few days and she wanted to play – so we did.  I incorporated this into our session and she has walked away with some great insights and actions to move herself forward.  Very exciting seeing it work with someone who has no idea of the theory etc. and was open to exploring.  She has even decided to play with the breathing and talking to the three brains for other decision making and to report back.

So, thank you to you both. I can really see how this works to take what has been effective coaching even further and deeper.  I’m very excited about supporting people to make wiser and more congruent decisions!

Yvonne McLean, Strategic Direction, Leadership Coach  April 2014


Fantastic. What a privilege to be taught by the dream team

I came not knowing what to expect and learning that this is something that EVERYONE needs to do!

I have learnt to trust myself, align the inner voice of conflict within me.  I know what to do, but then my actions end up not following through on what I know.  I feel more in sync with myself and a calmness.

What amazing power we all have inside, and that answers are inside all of is.  Since participating in the course I have become aware of where people are leading from, head, heart or gut.  This in turn has assisted me in supporting my staff to reach and work through work based challenges and goals.  This in turn allowed me to trust the process.  Suzanne and Grant are warm welcoming facilitators who are able to share their learnings and experience in an easy/ digestable way.  They are the ying and yang of trainers.  Really engaged true facilitation.

Rochana Sheward, Chief Executive, MPHS   7 April 2014


“You’ve changed my life.  When I did that course it changed me and it changed how I work with patients”  Senior Health Care Academic – Auckland

“I feel so much more positive now, just talking it through with you – thank you” Health Care Professional – Auckland

“Wow – I never expected to get such a shift in my thinking – amazing” Coaching Client – West Auckland

“I have recently been trying very hard to work out a big decision.  With lots of other things going on in my life, I couldn’t get the clarity I needed and it became a very frustrating exercise of chasing my own tail and getting quite lost in the process.  Over a period of time I kept trying to sort this out myself as I was the only one that could make this decision yet just kept going around in circles and my head just became very noisy!

I had heard a little about mBraining and knew Suzanne was helping people make great changes, so I booked a session.  Over the hour and a half we gained a lot of clarity with what my head, heart and gut were wanting, which allowed me to see why I couldn’t really ‘solve’ this the way I was previously trying to.  I know I think, have emotions and also gut feelings and didn’t realise how easy it was to gain alignment in these areas to help me with the clarity I needed.  Suzanne is obviously very talented in her ability to help me go where I needed to achieve the results I wanted and over a relatively short period of time.  I know this would have taken me a long time to get to where I was after just one session with her.  Its quite amazing what we think we know and yet there’s so much more happening that we need a process like this to help us connect to our own barriers and then solutions.

It was important for me to know I had a little bit of scepticism and to then throw myself into this as by the end of the session I could see just how much I had learned about what was going on.

I would recommend anyone to go through this process and to let Suzanne’s easy style lead you to gain a great deal of understanding, clarity and direction for moving forward.”

 Company Director – Auckland 2014

Perth Participants on the mBIT Coach Certification Course 2014:   Perth picturePerth_card_picture

Fantastic Training – thanks for the privilege (Jeremy – mBIT Coach)

Dear Suzanne

This introduction to mBIT has been very inspiring! Thank you for your generosity, wisdom and relaxed teaching style


So lovely to have you here teaching us, sharing your life and wisdom and hanging out as well


A big thank you both professionally and personally. A fabulous four days


It has been such a pleasure to spend the last few days learning from you.  Thank you for sharing mBraining and providing amazing guidance and humour to the course


What a blessing to be taught – inspired and trained by you. Your wisdom, structure and clarity have got me super inspired and ready to take this to the world


Thank you so much for this gift that you have given us, what an amazing speaker you are, I find you fascinating and inspirational – thank you


mBIT Coach Certification – Auckland 2013   mBIT CC Henderson 2014

“Working with Suzanne is amazing.  Not only is she a beautiful human being, she is a truly talented and insightful trainer, open and honest, empathetic, willing to go the extra mile when it comes to making her message relevant to the audience, wise, supportive and empowering to work with.  

I recently attended her mBIT Coaching course.  It was fabulous.  The content was (heart, head and) mind-blowing, with plenty of examples and science to really explain how and why it worked.  I attended both as a mental strength coach, wanting more insight for my clients, and as a newly married wife, wanting to learn to communicate better with my husband.  Over the four days, I had a lot of aha moments.  I understood more about how and why the head brain often thinks it knows best; I learnt to use all three of my brains coherently – and to teach my clients the process; but most importantly, I understood more about my husbands’s map of the world – how he thinks, how to communicate with each other at a higher level, how to resolve challenges together.  It gave us a new set of tools and language to be able to better understand each other, bringing the two of us closer, helping us feel more connected and able to help one another through life’s challenges and opportunities together as a team.  Thank you Suzanne for a wonderful four days that have made a real difference to both my business and personal life.” 

Sarah and Rob2 Sarah and Rob1  Sarah Carruthers

Mental Strength Coach & Loving Wife to Rob Carruthers.

UK mBIT Coach Certification 2014

“Before I attended the mBIT Coach Training Programme I thought my “Head brain” was in charge! After 4 days with Suzanne I am now aware that my other 2 “brains” my heart and gut have quite a lot to “say” about that!

Suzanne is extremely knowledgeable, however, she is able to communicate her expertise in a simple, entertaining, warm and practical way.

I have already used the mBIT techniques in my mentoring of others and find it sits well with the other tools in my kit bag of life.

If you are considering mBraining I highly recommend Suzanne, you will learn lots of cool and awesome (Well she is from NZ) stuff about yourself and will be able to support others in a way that works best for them….

You may even learn the Haka too!”

Huge hugs from Halifax,

SteVen “with a V” Cartwright

 Yorkshire 2014

I went on the Mbit Coach Training Programme run by Suzanne Henwood to learn something new and find some new techniques I could use in my role as a coach. I had a wonderful experience and learnt much more than I had set out to do.

Suzanne explained the concepts and practise really well. She encouraged us to be curious and share so we could learn and interact more with the material. We got the chance to try out the techniques of Mbraining so we could experience it from both sides and it’s powerful stuff.

Throughout the training I wondered how I would be able to use the Mbraining technique coaching in a business context but it seems integrated really naturally into my practise and it makes perfect sense.

Thank you Suzanne for such a great learning experience.

Warmest wishes



As a health care professional having just completed the mBIT coach training with Dr Suzanne Henwood, I am already able to use some of the skills and insights I acquired on the training, in my family practice work environment. The course was transformative in that the training did much more than inform us, it empowered us to change our own lives and that of others. Suzanne was a brilliant educator, fun, inspiring and very clear. I can recommend this course and Suzanne to anyone who is interested in taking part. Well worth it!

Ghislaine Young MSc Advanced Nurse Practitioner in the UK

” I can honestly say that I was totally unprepared for the amazing results of Suzanne Henwood’s MBraining Coaching Training. I was fortunate to experience not only Suzanne’s training, but also her skill as an MBit Coach herself. Wow! Her patience as a coach and trainer is exceptional.

Two weeks on, I feel so different! All my brains are integrated and aligned! I’m calmer, more focused,  have energy, enthusiasm and confidence both in myself personally and in my  abilities as a coach and mediator.

If you are a coach looking to take your skills to the next level, I thoroughly recommend Suzanne Henwood’s MBraining Coaching Certification. It will transform you and the lives of your clients.”

Many thanks again for supporting me on my training.

Kind Regards

Emma Heptonstall <>

  mBIT Trainers Certification – UK 2015  uk trainers march 2015

in collaboration with Wilbert Molenaar

Daksha Malik

Yaaaaay! I’m now a certified mBIT Trainer! I thought the Coach Certification Training was amazing but the Trainer’s Training blew me away! We had the absolute privilege to be trained by 3 Master Trainers –Suzanne HenwoodWilbert Molenaar and the one and only Grant Soosalu!!! The wealth and depth of knowledge between them was phenomenal! If you ever get a chance to be trained by this ‘super team’, you absolutely must! I would highly recommend it !

Tracey Gray feeling thankful

Completely agree Daksha Malik the absolute best training I have ever done not only the incredible Master Trainers, also the sharing of resources, we have all been equipped with to prepare us to deliver our own coach certs, mine starts in 2 weeks and I know I have the best support just a Skype call away and the reassurance that Grant Soosalu will be joining us for open frame. Add to all of this the awesome support and love from fellow students, highly recommend this training to all mBIT coaches out there

Emmanuel Kuehn

Hoogerheide, Netherlands

Hello mBIT Coaches!
Back from the mBIT Trainers Training in Bath (UK), where 19 fantastic trainees from around the globe and I spent 5 memorable days.
We are truly fortunate to have been trained by 3 inspiring mBIT Master Trainers: Grant Soosalu (Australia), Suzanne Henwood (New Zealand) and Wilbert Molenaar (The Netherlands).
In Connecting their Passion, Creativity & Drive, they facilitated a “Crème de la crème” training. Chapeau!!
This mBIT TT enabled me to get a much deeper/wider feeling & understanding about mBIT and its numerous applications.
I feel honoured to have been certified mBIT Trainer!
A new world has just opened to me with unlimited possiblities.
Truly, really and fully ready to use mBIT to guide people onto the path of Wisdoming :-))

Matt Brown

Evening all,

Ok…..Big breath in, get ready, read…………So, last year I was reading rapport magazine whilst sat in the PT office at work and tripped upon (RAS chosen lol) an advertisement for this thing called mBIT. It looked pretty cool and when I read the article (and the book!!!) I found that something connected within me, something that gave me an intense desire to learn more. I went onto the course in April 2014 and fell in love!
Last week, I completed what can only be described as the most amazing, awesoming, wisdoming, loving, laughing, one leg up hugging(Grant), back of the bus friending (course joke please ask if you need clarity) best course I have ever had the pleasure of attending! It is delivered by the best in the business, Grant Wilbert and my sister from another Mr Suzanne. The content was easy to digest and super fun to learn and deliver in our small playing groups through the week. Not having a trainers certificate in NLP or any thing similar I wondered before the course if I would have the necessary skills to do it. You know what? even if I didn’t…. I do now, and that was down to the support and love that everyone in our group showed each other. I can honestly place my hand on my heart and say this has changed my life (my chapter 9) if you haven’t read the book… the book.
Being a liberator of human spiriting, now that’s cool! doing Trainers training will be amazing and I promise you will be loving it.

Lisa Kabouridis

The trainers’ course also exceeded expectations and it was an absolute privilege to be taught by the …co-founder of mBraining and mBIT, Grant Soosalu. He is so inspirational, incredibly generous with his knowledge, supportive and a highly effective trainer. Wilbert Molenaar and Suzanne Henwood as master co-trainers added their own amazing styles, stories and wisdom to the five days – to have all three of them guide us in becoming mBIT coach trainers was simply brilliant. The continuing support, collaboration and connection from Grant, Suzanne and Wilbert and the whole community is incredible. mBraining and mBIT have so much to offer to individuals and organisations in all sectors and to help this even further, there is such a generosity and sharing of information, materials and research. … I must add how wonderful it is to have met all the amazing people I have trained with and to be part of this collaborative community.


Video Testimonials

Helen Oakwater (UK)

Clive Teare (Auckland, New Zealand)


Olive Hckmott (UK)

Rochana Seward (Auckland, New Zealand)

Sara Haboubi (Ireland)

Sacha Damiano (Australia)