What is mBraining?

mBraining is a new field of human development and understanding, developed by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka and written up in a beautiful book available from Amazon (in book or Kindle versions).

From a meta analysis and meta synthesis of hundreds of pieces of literature, Grant and Marvin have developed a set of techniques (mBIT – multiple Brain Integration Techniques) which puts this new knowledge and theory (mBraining) into practice and in 2023 Suzanne Henwood developed mBraining2.0 to bring the field right back up to date.

An exclusive interview with Grant Soosalu about mBraining

So what do we now know?

We have at least three brains – yes the head, or cephalic brain you were already aware of, and the heart (cardiac) and gut (enteric) brains, which you were probably aware of intuitively, but may not have called them brains in the past.

Have you ever heard yourself or anyone else refer to these brains? It is amazing that once you know this, you will start to hear it everywhere, through language cues and you may even start using it deliberately to speak to your heart and gut. So what sort of language patterns might you notice?

Language of the Head Brain

(the home of cognitive perception, making meaning and thinking)

The language of the Heart Brain

(the home of emotions, values and relating to others)

The language of the Gut Brain

(the home of self preservation, identity and motivation)

Do you recognise that now? Amazing isn’t it – how we may not have picked up on it before. 

What we also know is that each brain has a higher expression:

Head: Creativity

Heart: Compassion

Gut: Courage

Using the mBIT Roadmap, and accessing and aligning your brains in a particular order, enables you to move through the road map and reach a higher level of emergent wisdom. That is the crux of what mBraining is all about.

In 2014 mBraining Master Coach was launched introducing two more intelligencies: The ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) and the Pelvis. Like theother brains they have their own Prime Functions and Highest Expressions (Coherence and Co-creativity). In 2023, Suzanne Henwood has taken the work even further and deeper and created mBraining 2.0, which extends the original model, weaves into it the research from the last 15 years and this ground breaking work is offered through the mBIT Master Class Series –  mBraining 2.0 – QUESTS to Mastery, ensuring that mBraining stays at the cutting edge of what we know about the multiple intelligences and applies it in an integrated and embodied way across a range of applications.

So what makes it a brain?

In the literature, a brain in this context is defined as a complex adaptive neural network, with a large number of neurons and interconnections between the neurons, plus support or glial cells. Not only that, the brain has its own memory and can adapt from within, without having to communicate with the head brain. So a ‘brain’ in this context is far more complex than just a group of nerve cells that you find for example in your eye or ear.

Are we saying they stand alone? No – of course not. The body is a complex, integrated systemic whole, and the level of autonomy of these specified brains is much greater than we thought it was. Ensuring the three (or indeed five) brains are integrated and in alignment is the ideal situation to ensure a deep an authentic, healthy life style for yourself personally and for your relationships, work and business. What mBraining (and now mBraining2.0) is showing, is that from a congruent and aligned state, higher levels of wisdom emerge, giving an impact which is greater than the sum of the individual brains on their own.

So how did this come into knowing?

Over the years, different scientists around the world have been studying individual components of the neurological system and reporting on those discrete findings. The advances in imaging technology has opened up a whole new world of what we can see and know within the human body. What Grant and Marvin have done, is to bring that discrete and individual brain knowledge together and to ask the ‘So What?’ question. So what does it change knowing this? So what can I do differently now I know this? They took the findings and created a model which enables us to communicate with, and align those different centres and they went out and tested that in the field through action research, to see if the model worked – and it did.

And now mBraining2.0 has gone deeper and broader taking the concept of coherence to a whole new level, incorporating the environment, spiritual and quantum elements into the mBraining Coaching Framework.

Now this might be a challenge for some people. Believe me, working in health care (and particularly health care education) I have come across people who cannot see beyond what they already know, what they were taught when they learned anatomy in college. As if as humans we have never had huge shifts in our thinking and knowing – can you imagine we used to believe the world was flat. No! One day we will be saying – do you know they used to believe we only had one brain … in time …

What mBraining does is give us a road map to enable us to look at how the three brains work together. By aligning the three brains and encouraging each brain to work from its highest expression, new wisdom emerges. That is why we get so excited about the possibilities of mBraining – because we have experienced it for ourselves and we have used it with clients who have reported amazing transformations.

What I love about mBraining is that it is so complementary to what I already know. It does not require me to move away from techniques I already use in development or coaching – it enables me to add to them. Not only that it sits so comfortably alongside my own spiritual beliefs, enabling me to grow and evolve in all areas of my life.



One of the biggest impacts on me personally and what I have shared mostly with clients is the coherent breathing technique which allows you to bring yourself back to a balanced state. In practice what this means is, it helps you to reduce stress and anxiety in minutes and in the moment of any difficult situation. It helps you to take back control of those difficult situations, giving you more choice about how you react, as well as ensuring your stress levels do not rise to unhealthy levels. I have had great results working with people experiencing chronic stress, who are reporting feeling more calm and sleeping better. It is only once you get back into a balanced coherent core state, that you can even begin to work on making changes. mBraining does that – bringing you back to a grounded centre of ‘you’ – giving you space to think and feel and make even wiser decisions.

The way that mBraining teaches you to use your breathing to balance your autonomic nervous system is simple, gentle, safe and amazingly effective. It is truly compassionate – modelling the very central nature of compassion which sits at the core of mBraining.

By understanding and listening to the multiple brains, people are better able to recognise where they are out of alignment. You know that feeling when you want to do something, but you can’t quite take the action required? Or where your heart says one thing and your head says another? Or you have made a decision – but it doesn’t ‘feel right’? That is your brains not being in good alignment. And it is only when you align your brains that you will move forward positively.

You will find various articles about mBIT in the literature – above and beyond the amazing mBraining book by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu:

“… the heart also has its own nervous system. The verbal-thinking cerebrum has arrogated to itself the honor of being the only brain, falsely so. Actually it shares the distinction with the gut and the heart. … Thus we may speak of three brains, meant to function in concert, with the autonomic nervous system connecting them all.”

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