Managing Stress & Anxiety

We live in challenging and chaotic times and stress in the workplace is a significant issue.  It is said to cost billions of dollars annually in absenteeism (people having to take time off work) and presenteeism (people being in work but not able to work to their full potential). On top of that there are complaints, compensation claims, staff turnover and recruitment costs and the cost to individuals which is almost immeasurable.

Workplaces often have a legal responsibility to ensure a safe working environment, which includes mental and psychological health.

We can come alongside you to provide workshops and training in:

You may be interested in our Stress First Aid kit – a Free download you can share round your teams immediately (will send as an attachment and we can link to it). This was co-created through The Healthy Workplace with Sarah Carruthers as a response to the Global Pandemic.

As a leader or manager – I am guessing you are already juggling too many balls and struggling to offer the support you would really like to give.

Let us come alongside you and help you out.

We have a range of facilitators who can come onboard and provide expert support for your staff (face to face or over zoom).

We can create corporate Stress Guides to leave with you – to ensure your staff are supported long after the event itself finishes.

If stress is impacting on  you or your staff and you are ready to invest in wellbeing that makes a difference – reach out and book a discovery call so you can find out how we can support you.

Radical Wellbeing

What does wellbeing at work mean to you?

Is it:

Has your workplace considered?

At The Healthy Workplace ( a group of professionals working collaboratively with mBraining4success) we include 7 realms of Wellbeing:

So if your wellbeing policy has not created any positive benefits – reach out and see how our Radical approach to wellbeing can step things up and support your staff even more effectively.

Putting Humanity Back Into The Workplace

When did work become so difficult?

When did incivility at work become a thing?

When did we stop connecting and caring?

When did we stop ‘feeling’ or talking about how we feel?

Do you find it hard to have conversations at work about emotions and how you are feeling?

What if you could play a card game to do just that?

The Emotional Culture Deck is an exquisite safe way to explore emotions at work.

  • How do your team feel?
  • How would they like to feel?
  • What could they do more of to achieve that?
  • What team agreements can you create to openly work towards agreed desired feelings?

And that is just for starters.  The possibilities are endless in how you can use this, with a facilitator, to open up courageous conversations that lead to positive changes in your team.

If you would like to explore how we can work with you and your team  – get in touch – we would love to talk to you.

Did you know that in a Harvard Business Review article (March 22nd 2022) it was reported that the most common emotions experienced at work are difficult ones: frustration, nervousness, anger, and dislike.  What difference would it make to your workplace if that were not the case – if instead your team felt inspired, engaged, appreciated and supported?

Talking about emotions at work can be seen a tabu – but it doesn’t have to be like that.

If you are curious – get in touch. We would love to share with you a different approach.