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Liz Peel-Yates talks to Suzanne Henwood about using mBraining in the real world to thrive despite the circumstances. Living life to the full – the ups and downs; the light the dark … being real.

We welcome one of CoCo, the Coaching Platform’s founding Faculty members, Dr Suzanne Henwood.

Dr Henwood is a mBraining Coach, Master Coach and Master Trainer and holds a PhD in Continued Professional Development from London South Bank University.

Dr Henwood has also authored numerous books, a favourite of mine is the activity book for children, Being Awesomely Me, which helps children to explore How to Use Their Head, Heart and Gut to Love Life.

The Empowerment Show - Guest Dr Suzanne Henwood - Aliging your 3 Brains

Suzanne is an Associate Professor in Auckland in the field of Health and Social Care, as well as being the Director of her own company mBraining4Success. She is an NLP trainer, Mindfulness facilitator and a Master Trainer and Master Coach of mBraining, with a particular passion for enabling people at work to thrive. She works with individuals and organisations to consult and coach on excellence in leadership and communication, eliminating stress and bullying and using the multiple brain model to encourage wisdom to emerge through communication with and alignment of the people's head, heart and guts.

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